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Primare PRE35 Prisma

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Primare Pre35 Prism.


The most important task of a control/preamp must be to process and convey the sensitive and delicate signals from the existing sources as gently and untouched as possible.
Only then are the delicate nuances and details of true high-end sound ensured… not an easy task.
Many manufacturers will recognise how difficult and complicated it is to produce a good control/pre amp.

In this respect, the Primare Pre35 Prisma is a project that has succeeded to the full.
Sound quality is on a par with many much more expensive alternatives, and in many cases far beyond.
When you take a look under the Pre35’s armour, it’s not hard to see that we’re talking about a very serious amplifier.
An exceptionally well thought-out balanced layout with a towering component quality and ultra short signal paths.
The power supply which is so ultra critical in this type of amplifier is as good as it gets.

Primare Pre35 Prisma is the ultimate control centre at a price that makes it very difficult for competitors.
Equipped with everything you could wish for in terms of connections and options.
Streaming via Primares’ proprietary Prisma system…Chromecast. Airplay and Spotify connect are just some of the options.

Sound quality is the most important thing, though, and the Pre35 Prisma certainly doesn’t disappoint.
The Pre35 Prisma is equipped with an absolutely excellent DAC ( AKM AK4497.), which is considered by many to be one of the best on the market today….

The time when Primare specialised in the mid-range segment is long gone….
Only the price still indicates this.
The performance, on the other hand, is true high-end sound at a level that has rightly made critics turn their thumbs up.
We at Sound Specialist more than agree with their enthusiasm….
But don’t just take our word for this claim.
We have the Pre35 Prisma and the new A35.2 power amplifier on the test bench in the shop.
Come in and listen and be convinced.
Primare Pre35 Prisma together with A35.2 is Primare’s new reference.
And that’s saying something…

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Primare PRE35 Prisma

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