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Rega Elex-R

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REGA Elex-R – As musical as amplifiers get.

If you love Rega’s distinctive sound, then you can look forward to meeting the Elex-R, a hybrid between its little brother Brio-R and its big brother
‘s sonic qualities. The Elex-R is a lively, energetic and rhythmic amp that can deliver an impressive soundstage with plenty of punch, timing and dynamics. This not only makes Elex-R a superb musical vehicle – it also makes it extremely addictive to listen to. And to the winner of the Best Amplifier of the Year in What Hi-Fi? in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.


  • Combined feedback and passive volume control for equal channel and lower noise levels.
  • Superb phono stage for turntables
  • Custom-built full-size enclosure with improved heat dissipation
  • Custom designed transformer
  • 2 x 72 W in 8 Ω, 2 x 90 W in 6 Ω and 2 x 113 W in 4 Ω
  • Improved power supply
  • Dedicated mini remote control.

The perfect hybrid

The sonic qualities of the Elex-R are due to Rega taking the best of the critically acclaimed Brio-R and combining it with elements from the more powerful Elicit-R. Specifically, the Elex-R borrows from Brio’s design, while incorporating the Elicit-R’s power circuitry and superb phono stage. This means the Elex-R has much more “muscle” than the Brio-R, and therefore much more depth, bass, clarity and power than its little brother. This makes the Elex-R sonically closer to the Elicit-R than it is to the Brio. In many cases, therefore, you will be well served by Elex-R, and so will your wallet. Because the Elex-R offers almost unbeatable performance for the price, as evidenced by the many rave reviews and awards it has received.

Great for turntables

There’s also another reason why the Elex-R is one of the most exciting amps for the price. That’s because Rega has taken the very same RIAA that’s in the much more expensive Elicit-R and put it straight into the Elex-R. That means you get an RIAA that’s unheard of at this price point, and the perfect match for Rega’s own
Planar 3
Planar 6
turntables. Whatever your favourite source and music, the Elex-R deserves a listen, because it’s that good.


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Output power: 72 W in 8 Ω, 90 W in 6 Ω, 113 W in 4 Ω
Power consumption: 250 W
Inputs: 1 x phono input, 4 x line inputs
Outputs: Record output, pre-amp output
Dimensions (W x H x D) 43 x 8 x 32 cm
Weight: 10,9 kg


Rega Elex-R

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