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Rega Elicit-R

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Rega Elicit-R – A musical mediator in a class of its own

The new Elicit-R is a pure analogue amplifier that prioritises sound reproduction over all possible extra features. This makes it an incredibly simple and easy-to-use amplifier that delivers one of the most convincing sound performances in its class. Its sonic qualities are easily recognisable from Rega’s Brio and Elex-R, but with the Elicit-R there’s much more of everything. The timing is sharper, the detail is richer, the dynamics are greater and it has far more power and control. This makes it a highly entertaining amp that engages and immerses you in the music in such a way that it’s impossible to sit still. Because Elicit-R is a master at making music come alive.


  • Great timing and dynamics
  • High level of detail
  • Lots of power and control
  • Superb MM-phone input for the turntable.
  • 2 x 105 watts into 8 ohms – 2 x 164 watts into 4 ohms.
  • Beautiful and modern design
  • Solaris system remote control
  • 5 line inputs

Technology and functionality

Looking at the Elicit-R, it’s clear to see that it’s built on the incredibly playful Brio-R. The much larger cabinet and budget just made it possible to build a power stage twice as powerful, so the Elicit-R delivers a sound reproduction that is better on all parameters. Inspired by its predecessor, the preamplifier features a discrete FET design and a high-quality, programmable attenuator volume control for much more control over power delivery and higher performance.

Rega is almost synonymous with turntables, so of course the Elicit-R comes with a high-quality MM-RIAA to get the most out of your turntable. If you still want to use an external RIAA, or just need an extra line input for a CD player or DAC, there’s a switch on the Elicit-R’s rear panel that disconnects the built-in MM-RIAA. These features, together with the Polyproylene capacitors, the improved power supply and output power, make the Elicit-R deliver the best performance to date.


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Rega Elicit-R

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