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Rega Planar 1 PLUS

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Rega Planar 1 Plus – The ultimate ‘Plug and Play’ turntable

The new Planar 1 Plus offers all the features of the award-winning Planar 1, but it also has a high-quality MM-phone stage that makes it one of the best ‘Plug and Play’ turntables on the market. That makes it the perfect turntable for those who just want to get started with vinyl without having to adjust solder, pulleys and spacing before it all sounds optimal. All this is guaranteed from the outset with Planar 1 Plus, as Rega has already factory-set it to the optimum values for you. All you have to do is plug it into your system and mains, and you’re ready to listen to your vinyl in under 30 seconds. Here you are rewarded with an entertaining, clear and precise sound, as What Hi-Fi? rewards with 5/5 stars:

Rega has a knack for delivering terrifically agile, subtle and hugely enjoyable dynamics in its products, and the Plus is very much in the same mould. It’s got the drive, punch and spot-on timing to keep the momentum of Nirvana’s Come As You Are charging.” – What Hi-Fi.


  • Entertaining, accurate and dynamic sound
  • Excellent timing and level of detail
  • Integrated MM-phono stage
  • Handmade RB110 tonearm with incredibly low friction
  • EBLT drive brake
  • 24V high quality motor with low noise level
  • Factory fitted Carbon MM pickup
  • Effective isolation feet
  • New matte 2021 finishes

The best turntable for the general public

With Planar 1 Plus, Rega has created a turntable that is more successful, better sounding and more accessible to a much wider audience. They’ve done this by adding a built-in RIAA amplifier, based on their award-winning
Rega Mini Fono
. This means you can connect your turntable to anything, so you can now hear your music completely without having to connect an external RIAA amplifier. The built-in RIAA amplifier even makes it cheaper than buying Rega’s
Planar 1
and Mino Fono as separate products.

Can it get much better, easier and cheaper? We would venture to say that it cannot, and that is almost what characterises Rega. They are the best for the price. With the Planar 1 Plus, that’s because it also features Rega’s successful Carbon pickup, a precise and stable drive belt, and a tonearm with ultra-low friction bearings. This ensures that the tonearm has a better movement through the vinyl record, as the drive belt spins at a much better and precise speed. Underneath the rigid and lightweight construction are effective isolation feet that prevent vibrations from reaching the turntable and ruining the great sound. That’s why Planar 1 Plus has such award-winning sound.


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Rega Planar 1 PLUS

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