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Rega Planar 1

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Rega Planar 1 – The best turntable for the price

Rega has taken their award winning Planar 1 and improved it in every way with the new version. It all starts with the all-new handcrafted RB110 tonearm and factory-fitted carbon pickup, giving sound quality and durability a proper upgrade. At the same time, Planar 1 is ‘Plug and Play’ ready, with everything set up to the ideal values from the factory, so you can forget about adjusting solders, pulleys and distances. With Planar 1, you’re assured that the turntable will sound its best to start with, so you only have to think about which of your favourite records to listen to. This makes Planar 1 an extremely simple turntable that gets you listening to your records in under 30 seconds and rewards you with best-in-class sound quality.


  • Incredible sound quality for the price
  • Multi award winning turntable
  • Handcrafted RB110 tonearm with ‘Zero Play’ for ultra low friction
  • New EBLT drive belt
  • Phenolic Resin Plate
  • 24V high quality synchronous motor
  • Lightweight and strong acrylic laminated cover
  • Factory fitted Rega Carbon MM pickup
  • New food 2021 finish
  • Better insulation feet

When performance far outweighs price

In the latest version of Planar 1, Rega has rethought every aspect to improve its performance. This has meant that Rega has had to tailor a 24 V low-noise synchronous motor that ensures precise and stable rotations, while effectively reducing vibration for better sound quality.

The tonearm is one of the most important components on the turntable, which is why Rega designed the handmade RB110 tonearm, which is constructed with Rega’s unique ultra-friction bearings from their more expensive models, so the tonearm moves better through the vinyl record. An all-new EBLT drive belt has also been added, which is strung from a blend of advanced polymer materials and provides exceptionally smooth elasticity and surface smoothness over its entire length. The result is a more precise and stable speed performance, which is a significant upgrade. And it can be measured. The small irregularities in speed, wow and flutter are improved by up to 70% compared to the previous drive belts.

An upgrade that can be heard

The new drive belt can’t just be measured – it can certainly be heard. A whole new clarity and presentation of music is achieved, bringing you closer to the recording than ever before. Sonically, the upgrade manifests itself as an increased precision, where the soundscape is drawn more clearly. The bass has a lively dryness, with the instrument at the centre, and the decay at the top is given exactly the space it should have.

If you want to try vinyl and want serious performance that will last a lifetime, then look no further. If you are also looking for a new amplifier, Rega’s
a perfect match, with their built-in RIAA amplifier. With such a set, you can get high-quality vinyl listening for incredibly little money.


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Rega Planar 1

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