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Rega Planar 2

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Rega Planar 2 – A high-quality turntable that plays well

The new Planar 2 builds on its classic and legendary predecessor, which was praised for its unique price/quality ratio. But when Rega launches new models, they are not just upgrades from previous versions. These are completely new and independent constructions. All that’s left of the orignal are the plastic strips for the dust cover hinges, because everything else has been replaced with new and improved components. The result is a turntable that plays with great dynamics and detail, while maintaining the warm, musical sound so beloved of vinyl. Add to that its quick setup, easy operation and high quality, and you have a turntable in Planar 2 that will give you great musical moments for many, many years to come.


  • Warm, detailed and dynamic sound
  • New Rega RB-220 tonearm
  • Fitted with the critically acclaimed Rega Carbon pick-up
  • Advanced EBLT drive belt with precise speed
  • 12″ glass shelf for optimal rigidity and walking comfort
  • Light and rigid plinth minimises harmful vibrations and resonances
  • 24 V low vibration and low noise motor
  • New saucer with improved rigidity
  • Improved and vibration dampening feet
  • High-quality lid protects discs from dust during playback

New and patented technology

One of the key features of Planar 2 is the all-new RB-220 tonearm, which features a new and significantly stiffer centre bearing. The tonearm and patented bearing reduce vibration, resulting in a much smoother ride that’s completely free of blur and noise. The new 24-volt motor provides all the power for Planar 2, so it’s crucial for sound quality. To handle this task, Rega has used a low-vibration motor that is incredibly quiet and has a precise running characteristic. Gait consistency is further enhanced by the new plate-glass material, which also improves bass response and dynamics.

Another perk of Planar 2 is that Rega makes turntables that are extremely user-friendly. They’ve made it easy to get started using the turntables, so it doesn’t take many adjustments for Planar 2 to perform at its very best. Due to a fixed anti-skating bias of 1.75, you are guaranteed that your Planar 2 sounds its best and your records last much longer. With Rega, all the hassle of turntables is gone, so you can get on with what it’s all about – listening to great music!

The Rega Planar 2 comes with the acclaimed Rega Carbon pickup as standard, so all it takes to get started with your new turntable is an RIAA amplifier. If your amp already has an RIAA, Planar 2 is ready to play after you adjust the tonearm to the desired pin pressure.


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Rega Planar 2

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