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Rega Planar 6

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Rega Planar 6 – A legendary turntable with external Neo-PSU mkII

One of the most anticipated turntables in Rega’s Planar series has undoubtedly been the Planar 6. Here you get the reference sound without having to stretch your budget too far, as you usually come to when you want to include the latest sonic enhancements. This combination of performance and price means Planar 6 has all the ingredients to become a new bestseller and review favourite. Just like its P6 predecessor was. And The Ear and Hi-F already agree:

The Rega Planar 6 is a heck of a turntable… I would challenge you to find a better turntable and arm combo for less than three times the asking price here.” – Jason Kennedy, The Ear

“Partnered with Rega’s Ania moving-coil cartridge it delivers a level of performance that is pretty much untouchable.” – Ed Selley – Hi-Fi Choice .


  • Multi-purpose turntable
  • Great timing, detail and dynamics
  • Refined and accurate sound reproduction
  • Plinth in super lightweight material originally developed for the aerospace industry
  • New one-piece aluminium saucer
  • New precision engine pulley factory fitted with Rega white reference drive belt
  • Brass centre bearing with less mass and patented mounting
  • New Rega 24 volt synchronous motor, where each motor is hand-matched to a dedicated NEO power supply, to ensure optimal anti-vibration control
  • New high quality dust cap with smoked look prevents dust from getting on the vinyl during playback

A new and improved turntable

On the new Planar 6, a lot of improvements have been made since the old P6. The predecessor was equipped with an Exact MM pickup, but the new one can be selected with both Exact MM and an Ania MC pickup. So you can choose the Planar 6 variant that best suits your listening preferences. In other words, whether you want the MM’s more dynamic sound production or the MC’s higher level of detail is up to you.

Another huge improvement on the Planar 6 is its all-new plinth, which takes its inspiration from Rega’s much more expensive Planar 8 and Planar 10 models. It is therefore built in a sandwich construction with an ultra-light foam core and a layer of high-pressure laminate that is both incredibly thin and rigid. Both of these features ensure that the turntable’s weight is kept as low as possible, while ensuring optimal rigidity to create the ultimate turntable. It’s all finished with a stunning Polaris matt grey finish and a high-gloss black edge trim.

On top of the stunning plinth is the brand new RB-330 tonearm, the culmination of more than 35 years of experience. The brand new bearing housing and tonearm design ensures an extremely stable and almost frictionless mounting position, enabling it to collect more information from your vinyls than ever before. Added to this is Rega’s upgraded hivde drive-arm, glass platter and the new Neo-PSU power supply, which takes its solutions from the top-of-the-range RP10 to guarantee accurate revs and optimum anti-vibration control.

Rega Planar 6 is available in several different variants. It can be delivered with Rega Exact pickup, Rega Ania pickup and Rega Ania PRO fitted, or it can be delivered without pickup. Rega’s external Neo-PSU power supply is included for all variants.


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Rega Planar 6

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