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Rel 212/SX

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REL subwoofers

“A master in his field”

REL Acoustics is an English company that manufactures subwoofers and nothing but subwoofers.
From their very beginnings stretching back more than 30 years, they have focused exclusively on making the best subwoofers possible.
What makes the REL subwoofers so special is that they are primarily made for use in a traditional two-channel stereo set-up.
REL was among the very first to realise how important a properly built and correctly calibrated subwoofer could be when integrated into a general stereo system.
Until now, the use of subwoofers was mainly seen as an instrument for use in home theatres, or as an aid to smaller stereo speakers that were not capable of delivering the necessary bass response themselves.
REL immediately had a different approach to the use of the traditional subwoofer that was radically different from the norm.
The fact remains that most sub’s generally just sit in a corner humming and thumping without proper integration with the rest of the system.
Thus as a necessary evil with the sole purpose of creating deep and resounding bass.
This has helped to create the stereotype of what a subwoofer should and can be used for.

REL Acoustics subwoofers, on the other hand, are made for something completely different.
Of course, they also have their place in the traditional multi-channel system, but when used as intended, i.e. for stereo use, it really starts to make sense.
The effect of using a REL subwoofer correctly is much more than just more bass.
In fact, with the correct setting and positioning, there is a huge improvement in several of the most important parameters. The effect can be heard far up into the critical midrange where a much fuller, open and dynamic reproduction is achieved.
In addition, the usual virtues such as precision and “attack” are also emphasized… The timing is audibly better and this really helps to create what we are all looking for. Exactly musicality.

The actual construction of a REL subwoofer must be said to be at the highest possible technical level, be it from the manufacture of their totally silent cabinets through to their custom-made units which include the use of carbon.
REL subwoofers are active, i.e. there is an amplifier built into the cabinet itself.
These on-board amplifiers have been developed and refined over many years, and it shows.
This means that the primary stereo amplifier is not significantly stressed even at high sound pressure levels.
The so-called high output connection has direct connection to the stereo amplifier’s speaker terminals….
This ensures that the signal is delivered at the same rate and signature as the primary stereo speakers are fed. This is one of the secrets behind the seamless integration that can be achieved with a properly calibrated REL subwoofer.

With a REL subwoofer, it’s possible to breathe new and full life into an already great stereo set-up.
Even with a pair of well-grown floorstanding speakers in the high-end class, the effect is quite striking.

We at The Sound Specialist have built up a wealth of experience and expertise over the years in using these fantastic REL subwoofers in stereo systems.
Come by for a demonstration of what we’re talking about, and get an insight into how big an upgrade the right subwoofer can be in your own system.

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Rel 212/SX

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