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    A Grado First. Ready When You Are Our first true wireless in-ears, the GT220 mark a milestone in our seven decades of audio. Years in the making, we didn’t want to rush the process of creating a compact and versatile wireless Grado headphone with such vocality and depth. Control music,…

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    PURE SOUND. DEEPLY NOMADIC. The only way to revolutionize sound is by taking tech to the next level. And so we did. Ear Active Matching (EAM®️) automatically tunes the signal of the music to the shape of an individual’s inner ear to ensure an immersive listening experience. This is no-compromise…

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    In-ear hovedtelefon i high-end kvalitet……..Learning never ends and the GR10e is a result of a constant desire to look at designs and materials and improve upon them. A higher level of precision and new materials allows for the performance of the GR10e to add frequency extension in both the high…

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