Audiovector SR 3 Signature /demo - udstillings model /pris pr.sæt

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demo - sæt, har været udstillet i butikken



The SR 3 Signature is a powerful and well balanced speaker. It has the same basic enclosure as all SR 3 models, but in the this version it has a heavy rear baffle and a Superstand – a stand with built-in floor interaction via specially tuned leaf springs holding the spikes.


A lot of research went into the mechanics of this speaker: Cabinet/driver interaction, speaker/floor interaction and of course the sandwich technology used for laminating the cabinet with front – and rear baffles.

It uses two long-throw bass midrange drivers with the same fine membrane and Titanium voice coil technology as the SR 3 Avantgarde Arreté. The combination with the Audiovector Evotech treble, the fastest and most delicate soft dome tweeter existing, results in a very well balanced and dynamic speaker. This Signature model leaves nothing to be desired – as long as you do not compare it with its bigger siblings.

The Si 3 Super can be upgraded to SR 3 Signature. The SR 3 Signature can be upgraded to SR 3 Avantgarde and SR 3 Avantgarde Arreté.

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