Vibex One 7

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demo. model / perfekt stand


After many years of experience and investigation in the Hi-Fi industry, Vibex became more and more aware of the importance of controlling and dissipating the many forms of energy that a high end system has to contend with.
All these forms of energy don’t just affect the quality of sound and vision, causing distorsion, they also affect the equipment, causing the components to work harder. This causes the equipment to become less reliable and reduces its life-span, drastically in many cases. After more than fifteen years research in energy control and components that could neutralize the undesirable effects, Vibex has obtained exceptional results by using a combination of high tech materials. The result is a massive increase in sound quality and near total indifference with respect to placement.
Within the Vibex range of power filters and blocks the world’s finest components are used for the best possible result. Each and every one is carefully selected individually and then as part of the complete design to assure its compatibility with the other components. The end result is a Vibex Power Conditioner that will give you a new insight into the art of reproduced music and vision that previously was impossible to obtain by any other method. The results become even greater when combined with the Symposium Acoustic’s range of products.