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  • 14.295,00 kr. stk

    Den bedste tonearm RB-3000 er den bedste tonearm på markedet og giver din pickup optimale betingelser læs mere

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  • 7.495,00 kr. stk

    standard på Planar 8 læs mere

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  • 4.295,00 kr. stk

    standard på Planar 3 og Planar 6 læs mere

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  • 2.795,00 kr. stk

    standard på Planar 2

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  • 23.900,00 kr. stk

    One of the very best tonearms on sale at any price, aptly named the Conqueror. Yet, this isn’t an overblown or showy performer – it’s not voiced to impress some of the people, some of the time. Rather, it’s exceptionally even-handed and balanced in its presentation and sounds sublime across…

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  • 5.900,00 kr. stk

    Tonearms play a critical role for you to enjoy the best experience from vinyl. But why is this? It is supremely important that your cartridge is held rigidly whilst at the same time isolating it from unwanted vibration. No matter how good your cartridge is, it’s been proved that it…

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