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Aavik U-280

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Aavik U-280 – A world-class amplifier and DAC in one

With the latest U-series, Aavik again takes their development to new heights, as they have managed to integrate amplifier and DAC into a single unit without any sonic compromises. In doing so, Aavik has successfully responded to the demands of the high-end market, which wants to minimise the space required for separate audio components, but which does not want to compromise on the ultimate quality of high-end music reproduction. Because Aavik’s new U-series has much the same DNA as Aavik’s range of sperate components, you’ll still experience a low noise floor and unprecedented dynamic speed. The tight speaker control and balanced stability create the convincing and crystal clear sound image that reflects even the finest sonic details.


  • World-class sound with exceptional transparency, dynamics, engagement and detail.
  • 2 x 300 watts into 8 ohms.
  • Aavik’s patented UMAC amplifier technology for superb audio control
  • Complete unrestricted signal flow
  • Resonant power supply for ultra low noise
  • Ultra low noise controllers that ensure significantly lower noise levels than conventional controllers
  • Common motherboard for the card’s possible signal path between amplifier and DAC
  • 4 individual sound settings to match your listening preference and existing system.
  • Noise Reduction with Active Tesla Coils, Active Sqaure Tesla Coils, Dither Circuitry and Anti Aerial Resonance Coils

Quiet but powerful power supply

The new Aavik series is designed to ensure massive power resources with an ultra low noise level. This has been achieved by increasing the frequency of operation when more power is needed, and has the advantage of also increasing power density and allowing a higher peak power when required by the music.

Ansuz has lowered the already low noise level of power supplies even further with the ultra low noise regulators that power the various parts of the circuit. This means that the noise from these regulators is measured in a few microvolts and is significantly lower than some of the conventional regulators.

UMACTM amplifier for unsurpassed audio control

The U-Series uses Aavik’s patented UMAC amplifier technology, developed to avoid the design flaws of traditional switching amplifiers. The UMAC technology generates PWM (Pulse With Modulation) with sine wave modulation rather than the usual triangular modulation. Sine waves have the advantage of generating much less high-frequency noise than triangular modulation, have no sharp corners and thus require much less inductive filtering at the output. The lower inductance in the output gives the amplifiers a much better damping factor, and thus a significantly better speaker control.

UMAC technology also allows advanced dual mix mode feedback, which provides a damping factor characteristic of only the very best linear amplifiers.

Perfect signal transport and tonal balance

The new U Series DAC is designed around 5 digital inputs, each excelling in its audio performance. The DAC itself operates completely without any digital signatures, which means that all music will sound natural and authentic. The digital circuitry features the best high-frequency capabilities, and the PCB design is carefully engineered with time-aligned, ultra-short 4-layer PCB traces that preserve the natural and pristine sound quality from the various signals. The DAC circuits are also equipped with a built-in clock distribution with ultra-low jitter, to ensure the perfect signal path.

Individual sound settings for personal sound preference

To best satisfy your sound preferences and your existing system, Aavik has designed 4 individual settings to suit any taste and any system.

With the U Series, you have the option to turn up-sampling on and off, so it doesn’t affect the sound quality of the selected signal source. It is also possible to select a slow (soft high-frequency roll-off) and a fast (steep high frequency roll-off) filter.

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Aavik U-280

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