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Ansuz Mainz C2

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AARC® design

This is a new Ansuz technology developed by Michael Børresen. Any length of cable will tend to act as an antenna.
These unwanted effects will always influence the signal transmitted in the cable. With AARC® technology, these distortions can be completely eliminated, making the signal clearer and more dynamic than ever before.


The complete C2 series is easily recognizable, due to the hard-anodized aluminum parts that you will find engraved with serial numbers on all cables.
With the C Series, we’ve introduced the powerful NSC (Noise Suppressing Coil technology), in addition to DGC (Direct Ground Connector technology) and DIHC (Double Inverted Helix Coil technology) – a combination that’s hard to beat in performance!

Ansuz cables are not so much about exotic materials and fancy names.

The cables are based on a fundamental understanding of how to transfer current and voltage in the best possible way, with the least possible impact. Thus the important values for inductance and capacitance are extremely low.
As good grounding is extremely important for all audio/video components, Ansuz DGC (direct Ground Connector) is used in all Ansuz power cables and power rails.

Standard configuration is EU Schuko to 15A appliance socket

Ansuz Mainz C2

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