JBL Floorstanding Speaker

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    Aktiv støjreducering
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    Yes (1)
    6,5" (2)
    8" (2)
    9" (1)
    10" (5)
    12" (4)
    Audio format

11 Products

  • 4.798,66 set 5.332,66 set

    JBL L100 Classic MkII – Oplev den næste udvikling af en legendarisk højtaler Denne 12″ 3-vejs gulv-højtaler er udstyret med opgraderede JBL-lydkomponenter, der forbedrer lydkvaliteten af denne klassiske højtaler. Udover forbedringer af woofer, mellemtone og diskant har L100 Classic MkII fået et revideret crossover-filter, der inkluderer bi-wire/bi-amp muligheder via en…

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  • 11.332,66 set 13.305,99 set

    JBL S3900 – A true high-end speaker! The JBL S3900 is a 3-way floorstanding speaker with two powerful 10″ bass units combined with the two specially manufactured high-end compression drivers with pure-titanium membranes, which are mounted on bi-radial horns by SonoGlass. The Compressions drivers are among the world’s fastest devices,…

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  • 3.292,46 set 3.545,73 set

    JBL L100 – A new classic is born! The L100 Classic is a reincarnation of the legendary JBL L100 from 1970, JBL’s best-selling speaker of all time. Almost 50 years later, it’s here in a new and improved version. The classic design has been retained and stands out with the…

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  • 30 % Off
    12.865,99 set 13.599,33 set

    JBL S4700 – Built on the technologies of the mighty K2 S9900! JBL S4700 is a 3-way floorstanding speaker with 15″ bass unit with neodynium magnet system, combined with the two specially manufactured high-end compression drivers with pure-titanium membranes, which are mounted on bi-radial horns by SonoGlass. The compression drivers…

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  • 4.532,00 set

    JBL HDI-3800 – A formidable floorstander The HDI-3600 is the largest floorstanding speaker in JBL’s HDI series, and you can certainly hear it. The sound reproduction is really punchy, big, dynamic and accurate at the highest sound pressure levels. This feat is due to the speaker’s 2.5-way design and 3…

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  • 3.465,33 set

    JBL HDI-3600 – A speaker with BIG sound The HDI-3600 is the smallest floorstanding speaker in JBL’s HDI series, but it delivers big, powerful and dynamic sound reproduction. This is thanks in no small part to the 3 x 6.5″ aluminium diaphragm woofers, which provide significantly better stage height and…

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  • 9.331,99 set

    JBL 4349 – The monitor series just got even better! The latest model in JBL’s monitor range excels with an entertaining listening experience and exceptional bass performance that is both dynamic and accurate. That’s because the 4349 is equipped with a brand new 12″ Pulp diaphragm, which, together with the…

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  • 95.998,66 set

    JBL Project Everest DD67000 – One of the world’s best speakers With the Project Everst DD67000, JBL sets new standards for what a loudspeaker can achieve. We know it’s a bold statement to make when the previous Project Everst DD66000 already delivered a landmark audio performance, but nonetheless the JBL…

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  • Out of Stock
    5.865,99 set

    JBL L100 Classic 75 – cutting-edge technology in retro design The L100 Classic 75 is a testament to JBL’s technological innovations and exemplary design over the past 75 years. Here, JBL has retained the iconic retro design of the 1970s L100 Classic with the distinctive Quadrex foam fronts and a…

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  • 18.398,66 set

    JBL 4367 – The top of JBL’s studio monitors hits the bullseye! The JBL 4367 is the latest speaker from JBL’s high-end division. With a 15″ bass unit, huge HDI horn with D2430K compression driver and look from the 80’s, this is a new-fangled classic. The JBL 4367 stands out…

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  • 58.665,33 set

    JBL Project K2 S9900 – The most advanced and sophisticated speaker in the world? The JBL Project K2 S9900 is one of the most advanced and sophisticated speakers in the world. The Project K2 series from JBL goes back many decades and the Project K2 series has always been the…

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