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39 Products

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    940,10 piece 1.106,00 piece

    Rega Planar 3 – The most acclaimed turntable just got better The new Rega Planar 3 is a turntable packed with all the technological innovations Rega has developed over the last 40 years. This makes Planar 3 a state-of-the-art turntable that’s set to be the benchmark for years to come…

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  • 15 % Off
    1.599,33 piece 2.492,66 piece

    Rega Planar 6 – A legendary turntable with external Neo-PSU mkII One of the most anticipated turntables in Rega’s Planar series has undoubtedly been the Planar 6. Here you get the reference sound without having to stretch your budget too far, as you usually come to when you want to…

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  • 15 % Off
    339,46 piece 439,33 piece

    Rega Planar 1 – The best turntable for the price Rega has taken their award winning Planar 1 and improved it in every way with the new version. It all starts with the all-new handcrafted RB110 tonearm and factory-fitted carbon pickup, giving sound quality and durability a proper upgrade. At…

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  • 1.463,33 piece

    REGA Elex-R – As musical as amplifiers get. If you love Rega’s distinctive sound, then you can look forward to meeting the Elex-R, a hybrid between its little brother Brio-R and its big brother Elicit-R ‘s sonic qualities. The Elex-R is a lively, energetic and rhythmic amp that can deliver…

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  • 1.197,20 piece

    Rega Planar 3 50th Anniversary Edition – En legendarisk pladespiller til de helt store musikoplevelser Rega Planar 3 50th Anniversary Edition er resultatet af 50 års erfaring inden for vinyllydkvalitet, og det kan i den grad høres. Denne specielle udgave af den legendariske pladespiller leverer en enestående ydeevne og præsentere…

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  • 2.663,33 piece

    Rega Saturn MK3 – Den perfekte partner for enhver audioentusiast Rega Saturn MK3 er en CD/DAC-afspiller, der giver dig en stor fleksibilitet og utallige integrationsmuligheder i ethvert Hi-Fi system. Saturn MK3 er reelt to produkter samlet i én, for den er udstyret med en uafhængig DAC-kreds og en højtydende CD-transport. Den…

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  • 356,66 piece

    Rega Neo PSU MK2 – Avanceret strømforsyning til din pladespiller Rega Neo PSU MK2 er en avanceret strømforsyning til pladespillere, der er designet til at reducere motorstøj, forbedre hastighedsstabiliteten og rotationshastighedens nøjagtighed. Det giver en mere præcis gengivelse af musikken, og den mere nøjagtige rotationshastighed forbedrer lydkvaliteten yderligere. Den er…

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  • 303,33 piece

    Rega Fono MM MK5 – En fremragende RIAA-forstærker Rega Fono MM Mk5 er en prisbelønnet RIAA-forstærker, som er designet til at give lydentusiaster den ultimative oplevelse af deres vinylplader. Fono MM Mk5 er designet til at forstærke lyden fra Moving Magnet (MM) pickupper og har en række funktioner og egenskaber,…

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  • 2.663,33 piece

    Rega Elicit MK5 – En veldesignet og vellydende forstærker Den nye Rega Elicit MK5 har lånt elementer fra både sin forstærker-storebror og andre af sine digitale og analoge familiemedlemmer. Resultatet er en veldesignet og vellydende integreret forstærker til en attraktiv pris på knap 20.000 kr. Elicit MK5 byder også på…

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  • 532,66 piece

    Ny, leveres uden emballage, har været påsat pladespiller fra fabrik normalpris 4.995,- læs mere

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  • 5.265,99 piece 9.065,99 piece

    Rega Planar 10 – Perhaps the best turntable in the high-end class The new Planar 10 is Rega’s best and most advanced turntable to date! If you don’t count their 300.000 DKK Naiad reference turntable, which is reserved for the few. So when we’re talking turntables that are in the…

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  • 2.492,66 piece 3.799,33 piece

    Planar 8 is based on Rega’s 300.000 DKK reference player “Naiad”, and can be bought without or with mounted MC Pick-up.

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  • 532,00 set

    Immerse yourself in the astonishing natural sound of the Kyte speaker system. Carefully designed to deliver true Rega sound at an affordable price. Using Rega’s ZRR high-frequency unit and a hand-crafted pair of Rega MX-125 bass-mid drivers, this compact speaker is designed to complement any hi-fi or sound system. HIGHLIGHTS:…

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  • 599,33 piece

    Rega Planar 2 – A high-quality turntable that plays well The new Planar 2 builds on its classic and legendary predecessor, which was praised for its unique price/quality ratio. But when Rega launches new models, they are not just upgrades from previous versions. These are completely new and independent constructions.…

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  • 519,33 piece

    Rega Planar 1 Plus – The ultimate ‘Plug and Play’ turntable The new Planar 1 Plus offers all the features of the award-winning Planar 1, but it also has a high-quality MM-phone stage that makes it one of the best ‘Plug and Play’ turntables on the market. That makes it…

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  • 1.906,00 piece

    The best tonearm The RB-3000 is the best tonearm on the market and gives your pickup optimal conditions read more

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  • 9.999,33 piece

    Osiris is the result of 32 years of experience developing amplifiers. The uncompromising flagship from Rega delivers 162 W into 8 ohms (250 W into 4 ohms), and houses a dual mono design in a specially CNC-machined aluminium cabinet.

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  • 4.399,33 piece
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