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Chord Epic Aray Power Cable

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Experience the difference with Chords Aray technology that gives you a much cleaner power for your devices and system. The technology was previously reserved for Chord’s flagship products, which says something about how competent this cable is.

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Chord Epic Aray Power Cable – Clean power for your devices

The new Epic Power cable is handmade in the Wiltshire factory, where it benefits from the unique Aray technology, internal and external PVC insulation with high mechanical damping and a double-layer braid and foil shield for an effective protection against high frequency noise. It all adds up to an audible improvement in sound, where you’ll notice in particular the greater calm, dynamics and improved soundstage. The instruments are simply sharper and much easier to locate.

Epic Power is finished with a high-density vibration-damping outer jacket and comes with high-spec 10- or 16-amp IEC connectors. The cable is available in lengths of 1, 1.5, 2 and 3 metres, but can be customised to the exact length and termination you require by ordering separately. Epic Power is part of the wider Epic range, which offers digital and analogue interconnects, speaker cables plus specialist products including HDMI AOC, XLR and DIN cables.

Chord Epic Aray Power Cable

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