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IFi Nova power cable 1,8m

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Nova Power Cable by iFi audio

A new power cable from ifi Audio that is of course made in a high quality and not least innovative design that minimizes the radiating in and out of noise.
Equipped with 2 active and 2 passive conductors and a ground all in OFHC (Oxygen-Free High Thermal Conductivity) 99.99 % pure copper in a powerful quality. In addition, there are two dialectical conductors, containing only air which, placed on either side of the earth conductor, separate the active conductors from each other and thereby minimise the transfer of magnetic field to earth.
The ground wire itself sits in the middle of the above design, creating a true geometrically balanced design that minimizes EMI/RFI ingress and egress and maintains a precise and static impedance.
It is finished with high-quality 24-carat gold-plated connectors.
This power cable reduces radiated noise to a minimum and contributes to a reproduction where you can hear details and spaces that were previously buried in noise.

IFi Nova power cable 1,8m

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